Piano Tuning


Piano Tuning    

Duncan piano tunes and services pianos in the central north Carolina area.

Tuning is the most fundamental of all piano services. Pianos need to be tuned regularly; not only to keep them “In tune” but also because regular service allows your technician to keep abreast of any other potential problems with your instrument.

piano tuningBut why does a piano go out of tune ?

The main reason pianos go out of tune is due to changes in humidity in the direct environment where the piano lives. The affect of humidity on the piano is really quite simple; The piano strings rest on a wooded bridge which sits on the piano’s soundboard. Because the soundboard is made of wood, it is affected by changes in the humidity in the air around it. For example, when the air is damp, wood expands… when the air is dry, wood shrinks. These fluctuations in the environment can cause your piano to go out of tune.

How often should my piano be tuned?

How often a piano needs tuning depends largely on the degree of humidity changes in the room where the piano is. Generally speaking, residential homes have much less humidity fluctuations than do say churches, schools and other institutional settings.

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