Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration

Pianos are incredibly durable! We regularly service 100 year old instruments in original condition which are still making music! However, even the Most Faithful Ones will eventually need services which require the piano to leave it’s home and come into the Restoration shop.

At Duncan Piano, we are skilled and experienced in all facets of piano restoration including:

                • Soundboard Manufacturing and Installation
                • Pinblock Replacement and Restringing
                • Complete Action and Keyboard Restoration
                • Custom Wood Finishing and Case Work
                • Remanufacturing or Replacement of Missing Case Parts

We Restore All Brands and Models of Pianos

Grands       Uprights      Antiques




Does Your Piano Need to be Restored?

Pianos come to our shop with a wide variety of ailments! Some have been damaged by fire and smoke…others have been exposed to water or some other adverse environmental factor. More often than not, a piano’s needs and conditions are simply a result of the age of the instrument and normal wear and tear which comes as a result of being played and enjoyed!

Strings become rusty and corroded; Pinblocks and soundboards crack and break down; Parts of the piano’s inner workings deteriorate or break; The old finish becomes faded and scratched. 

Evaluating Your Instrument

When we set out to evaluate a piano for repair or restoration, we began with a thorough examination of the instrument to identify its present overall condition. We will be evaluating the strings, pinblock, soundboard, bridges and of course, all of the instrument’s inner workings. We will also be examining the exterior or case of the piano.

Our main objective is to project to the customer both the needs of their piano as well as future potential of the instrument as it will affected by the necessary services which we  may recommend.

An equally important objective is to identify the individual needs and expectations of the owner/pianist.

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