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Stephen R. Duncan — Piano Technician & Restorer

Stephen Duncan was only 6 years old when his father David and Jane Duncan founded Duncan Piano Service. David was a Junior High School Band director who had found himself pursuing piano tuning and repair as a second career.  As a young boy, Stephen would often travel with his father on piano service appointments. Like his father, Stephen became fascinated with the piano.  In 1978, Stephen formally became a Piano Technician. Stephen received a Piano Tuning Certificate from the Sims School of Piano Technology in Columbus Georgia, but the majority of his tutelage in the art of piano service came through an apprenticeship with his father. By the time Stephen came on board, Duncan Piano Service was not only offering tuning and repair, but also refurbishing and restoring pianos.  In 1991 the company became David R. Duncan Piano Service, Inc. At that time, Stephen’s wife Renee’ came on board to provide accounting for the company. In 1996, upon David and Jane’s retirement from the business, Renee took over daily management of the office, telephone and appointment calendar. Renee is also experienced and proficient at many procedures in the restoration shop.

Stephen’s professional experiences include serving as Assistance Piano Technician at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (1979-80) S,taff Piano Technician at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro/School of Music (1980-90). Stephen also serves as Piano Technician for High Point University, an “All Steinway School” with an growing music and fine arts department!    

Since 1999 Stephen has served as head Piano Technician for the Eastern Music Festival, an annual summer music event which brings in student pianist and musicians from all over the world. Each season the festival brings in over 30 brand new grand pianos! Stephen’s summer duties include, concert tuning, regulating and voicing for the festival’s many piano performances, as well as, overseeing the tuning and maintenance of the new instruments located in rehearsal halls, practice rooms and faculty teaching studios.

Stephen is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc.  Being a Registered Piano Technician or RPT means that a member has taken and passed specific tuning and technical exams which are given by the Guild.The Piano Technicians Guild is a national organization of Piano Technicians and Rebuilders dedicated to providing continued learning and advancement in the craft of piano tuning, repair and rebuilding. Stephen attends monthly meetings with the local PTG chapter. He has served as the chapter’s President several times and regularly teaches classes at PTG meetings. Stephen has been an RPT  since 1979.

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Personal Statement

“During my 35 year career as a Piano Technician, I have had many memorable and rewarding experiences.  I enjoy tuning pianos and helping old instruments find new life!  I have had the privilege of working with many famous pianist…some rising stars and even a few rock stars, but I will tell you, as will most piano technicians, that the real rewards of this business are the relationships with the many dedicated clients we serve. As Piano Technicians we are in our customer’s homes…we make friends with pets…get to know their family…watch their children grow up!

To all of  our customers…past , present and future! Thank You for making piano service a truly  a rewarding profession!”

-Stephen Duncan